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Guitar Tuition in Wakefield, West Yorkshire
Acoustic & Electric Styles - Beginner to Advanced
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electric and acoustic guitar lessons
So Youíre Looking For Guitar Lessons..
Whether youíre just starting out or wish to develop your existing level of ability there is a lesson plan for you, covering many styles of both acoustic or electric guitar.

One thing seems to get forgotten in this business full of ego and thatís the fun element of playing an instrument.

Especially if youíre a beginner, you can easily be put off if the lesson structure is rigid and the music youíre learning is not your thing.

We offer three basic approaches which you can mix and match to suit.

If you're just starting out, you can choose to learn to strum along to your preferred style of music or choose to get more involved in the mechanics of what you are learning. We can also include some music theory to expand your knowledge.

Alternatively you may want to develop your shredding chops and explore advanced technique and scale excises.

Yes, you can have a lesson plan that insists you practice 8 hours each day if you really want to get into it!

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